About Bamco Construction

“Our Mission is to help you develop the most your can offer within your budget”
Bill McColman

Serving South Florida since 1975.

The owner and president of Bamco Construction, Inc., is William E. McColman, a Florida Certified State General Contractor, who started this company by working with his tools alongside other competent tradesmen and training them in his own methods. Mr. McColman was an active member of the Board of Directors of the National Association of Home Builders Non-Union Apprenticeship Program. He also serves on the Broward Apprenticeship Craft Committee, which supervises the training of carpenter apprentices in Broward County. He was appointed by the Broward County School Board's Vocational Technical and Adult Education Director to the Advisory committee for the Southeast Florida Builders Apprenticeship Association.

He acts in a consulting capacity and assists the school officials in the development and operation of a sound apprenticeship program. He is an alternate on the Board of Rules and Appeals for the Town of Ocean Ridge which determines acceptability of variances to the Town's Planning and Zoning Laws. This broad background and experience allows Mr. McColman to demonstrate his knowledge through a qualified supervision staff directing their foremen towards the production of a quality product.